Jun 23, 2009

Twilight Tuesday Inspiration Challenge #3 (TTIC36)

This Tuesday's Challenge is: What Says Twilight To You?

Whenever I think of Twilight
LOVE is the first thing that comes to my mind <3

These are some of the other pics I took:
-Here you can see the heart's colours (Edward's heart): blue and silver. I thought about a crystal heart, and went from there. I think these colours evoke him and what he feels, he's got a frozen heart- cold and blue- but now that Bella's here, it's shining, hence silver.

Thanks to Twilight Tuesday for these cool Challenges!
Leave a thought!

Edit: looking at the rest of the players' projects, I discovered that the quote I used is rather popular... I'll have to go with another one next time!

8 monkey thought (s):

Jacqueline said...

gorgeous creation!! perfect for the challenge! thanks so much for playing along!

Julie said...

OH MY, Ella - that is just gorgeous! What a beautiful use of that quote! And you're right -- many of used that quote -- it's one of Edward's best! Thank you so much for playing along - it really is beautiful!

Stampvamp said...

Hola! Ella,

I'm going to try out my Spanish so please forgive me where I mess up...I'm not that good...

Esta es muy bonita!

Is that right? I have no idea how to put in correct punctuation. Thank you so much for playing with us today and I hope you play again. That way I can practice my Spanish more!! ;)

Donna Maria said...

Ohhhh Ella, This is just beautiful!! It's sooooo perfect for this challenge...Yeah, that quote gets around alot, lol!! Thanks for playing with us...

Margie said...

Brilliant! OME! It's sooo beautiful! I love what you created!
Thanks so much for sharing and playing along with us :*)

Eve said...

I LOVE coming to your blog to see your creations and what you are reading! Your project this week is amazing! I LOVE your take on it! Beautiful!!!

Dani said...

So lovely Ella! You are so talented!!

Ella Press said...

Thanks guys! :o)

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