Jun 3, 2009

Twilight Tuesday Inspiration Challenge #1 (TTIC28)

... from here on called: TTIC.

I found this awesome site called twilighttuesday.com, where crafty people from all over get together to create amazing things, inspired by Twilight. So, as of today, I'll be joining their Challenges regularly, creating something any chance I get.
This Tuesday, the girls from TT decided to have a catch up week, which is great, cause it gives me the chance to go back through their previous challenges and start making things that I wasn’t able to do and create an item based on that!

This is my First Challenge: (I'm starting with #28) Edward and Bella's Wedding!

Look what I made!

Pearly Necklace

Pearly Bracelet

I liked how the bracelet turned out so much, that I'm wearing it!

D'you have any Twilight Inspired Craft? Then join twilighttuesday.com!


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Jennifer said...


ellepaulette said...

This is so lovely!! Great job!!!

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