Jun 25, 2009

"Nothing But Ghosts" Book Drive

Amy @ My Friend Amy is hosting a Book Drive to promote Beth Kephart's new book "Nothing But Ghosts".

Here are the details of the Book Drive:

When: June 23-June 30 at 9 PM EST.
Where: Well, here, of course!
What: The book drive is an intentional effort to expand the readership of Nothing But Ghosts by driving sales. It is the book buying fun part of a book party!
Why: Because I believe Beth is a very gifted author who deserves a wider audience. Also, first week sales for a book are always important. Lastly, I'd love to have a measurable example of how book blogs can drive sales for a book.
The Goal: 200 books sold.
from http://www.myfriendamysblog.com/

Go over to Amy's blog and learn more about it! Help her and Lenore do an amazing thing for a cool author! There will be giveaways!

I think that what they're doing is awesome! A great way to get people into a new book! I hopr you girls reach your goal, and pass it too!


5 monkey thought (s):

The Book Resort said...

Amy is such a sweetheart.

Lenore said...

Hey! Thanks for posting about this. Hope it will be at least semi-sucessful.

Kelly said...

What a cool idea! And good for you for spreading the word. :)

The Book Resort said...

For you :}

Sheila DeChantal said...

Ella, please stop by and collect your award at my blog. :)


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