Jun 3, 2009

Twilight Tuesday Inspiration Challenge #2 (TTIC31)

Graduation's here!
Well, not really, it's seven months away for me :( (can't wait!)

Check out the Little Graduation Doll I made for this Challenge:

I even made its diploma! lol, it's way too funny!
My mum loved it!
But I told her: "You better not be thinking about me making these for your students this year!"
She always guilt-tricks me into making something for them!

Be sure I'll be using Little -what should I call him/her?- in another Challenge, I'll love to dress it up!
Maybe even create a scenario for it! ;)

What d'you think?
And, could you help me choose a name for it?


Go over to twilighttuesday.com for more info about these Challenges, and check out the awesome things crafters do over there!

3 monkey thought (s):

Rebecca said...

This is soooo cool! Great interpreation on the TT challenge!

FLORFI :) said...

que lindooooooooooos monii :)

le doy 5 monckeys jajaja


love U

Jen said...

OH MY!! That is the cutest thing I've ever seen. SOOO cool. I just love it. All the little details are just perfect. Very very cool!

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