Jun 29, 2009

So, my Internet Connection is finally back on, after having been down all weekend.
My headache hasn't entirely abandoned me, so I'll make this short, and go back to bed.

I love sleeping and lying down in bed watching a film, or my favourite TV show, but when you HAVE to stay in bed, it's not that nice.
I'm sick, I've got the flu (the normal kind, being winter here in Arg) and it sucks!

But these lovely women have given me reason to write this post:

Diane @ The Book Resort awarded me with the Proximidade Award!

This blog invests and believes in the Proximity - nearness in space, time and relationships. These blogs are exceedingly charming. These kind bloggers aim to find and be friends. They are not interested in prizes or self-aggrandizement! Our hope is that when the ribbons of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propagated. Please give more attention to these writers! Deliver this award to eight bloggers who must choose eight more and include this clever-written text into the body of their award.

Sheila @
One Persons Journey through a world of Books has granted me with the Humanity Award!

The Humane Award is in order to honor certain bloggers that I feel are kindhearted individuals. They regularly take part in my blog and always leave the sweetest comments. If it wasn’t for them, my site would just be an ordinary book review blog. Their blogs are also amazing and are tastefully done on a daily basis. I thank them and look forward to our growing friendships through the blog world.

I'm going to pass these on later, when I feel better.

I'm still (!) waiting for my books, TBS, Kathryn's Beach, The Alchemist, Nice Girls Don't Have Fangs!
The first two should get here soon, I've been waiting for them for over 2 and a half weeks.
The Pillowman must be MIA, cause Elise sent it over a month and a half ago and it still didn't get here.
But I think this is teaching me how to be patient, don't you think?


I've began writing a new Fan Fiction,
Vampire Academy. It's got nothing to do with the Book Series, I didn't even know about them until last month. It is based on a Role Play I used to be a part of in The Twilight Saga. The vamps from my VA are way different than the ones from the series, these are like the ones in Twilight.
You can read the First Chapter here. I'll be posting a new chapter every Thursday or Friday.


You have until TOMORROW to enter my Giveaway for The Night Gardener! Make sure you enter! I've got five copies to five winners!
(open to US and Canada only, sorry!)

And be sure to check out my other giveaways, and my Giveaway List on my Left Sidebar, with International Giveaways!


You haven't read my short story The Mattress? Then go read it and leave a thought!


Check back later for today's Musing Mondays


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