Jun 8, 2009

My Favourite Supernatural Character...

... is Hermione Granger!
I've always liked her, even at first, when she was a bit annoying and had no friends, I understood her. I also "grew up" with her -Movie Hermione was 11 when I was 11 too, then 12 when I was 12, and so on... except for this year, when I'm 17 and she'll be 16.
I fell in love with her(in a good way) because of her strong character and determination, which is like the way I am.
She likes to be right all the time, and so do I. Most of the time she is, and I am too. But the thing I like most about her is that she always protects her friends. Even if that means breaking the rules she loves so much.

And the most important thing: she's a WITCH! How cool is that? She gets to perform all these neat spells and brew all of those fantastic potions, she knows more about the magical world than someone who is from a magical family. Her knowledge is very important when it comes to solving mysteries and helping her friends through difficult times.
She's the greatest witch of her age! And she gets to be with Ron, whom I love -more than Harry, sometimes I want to punch Harry in the face for being so dumb. But that's beside the point.

So, there you go Shesten, this is my favourite supernatural character of all time! It wasn't as hard to choose her as I thought it would be :)

3 monkey thought (s):

I Heart Monster said...

Awesome :o) What a great idea to do a blog post on her!

Ivancho said...

hola anto ok la pag

che pasate por la mia deja coment

te agrege a blogroll agregame



Sheila said...

To qoute Harry Potter, "That's brilliant!" I really like her too... She is not only street smart, but book smart!

Good post!

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