Jun 14, 2009

Sunday Edition #3

What have I been up to this week? Hmm, let's see...

*Shesten from IHeartMonster asked me which was my fav paranormal character.
To which question I answered: HERMIONE GRANGER!
See my post about her here.

*I read, reviewed and interviewed J.S. Buckingham, author of "The View From a One-Man World, The Way I See It".
Read my post here.

*I WON Twenty Boy Summer, by Sarah Ockler! YAY!
Can't wait till it gets here!
Visit Sarah's page here.

*I started a parallel blog to this one, in Spanish, for my friends and family to read, since not all of them speak English.
Do you speak Spanish?
If you do, head over to my parallel blog El Mono Relojero!
It's still under construction, since I have to "move" all of the posts I made here, over there.
But I'll finish it soon ;)

*I finished reading Marked!
I absolutely loved it (maybe even more than Twilight -yes, I said more than Twilight!)
I really liked that the main character (who is a girl, like in Twilight) can get to be so powerful and independant -unlike Twilight, where Bella practically dies when Edward leaves her (come on! that was way too overdramatic for me!). I still
do love Twilight -I'll always love it- and this Series can not be compared to that story, they are completely different worlds.
But if I had to chose one to live in, it would be Zoey's world.
I actually think it's kind of cool to have a mystic tatoo on your forehead ;)
Anyway, I will always love Bella and Edward's love for each other, but this new Series (new to me) has me hooked!
I've started reading the second book from the Series,
Betrayed, and so far so good.

*Books I'm waiting for:

Kathryn's Beach, by Nadine Laman (she's sending it for me to review it!),
Twenty Boy Summer, by Sarah Ockler (won in a giveaway),
*A Surprise Book From Mariana (that is not the title, it is a surprise), member of BookCrossing Argentina -oh, didn't I tell you?
I joined BookCrossing! I hope I can get some people interested here in town, since there isn't a group here, and it'd be nice if there were.
*Since I joined BC, a woman in Germany contacted me, and told me she'd be willing to do a RABCK, by sending me The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. I had no idea what RABCK meant, so I looked it up.
RABCK: Random Act of BookCrossing Kindness — this can take several forms, but the most common is when someone sends you a book without asking for a trade or postage reimbursement. It’s just the act of doing something nice for another BookCrosser.

She's sending me her book, as a gift, asking for nothing in return! How awesome is that?! But I'll have to wait
a little while for it to get here, Argentina is a tiny bit apart from Germany, in case you didn't know...

*School's doing fine...
I got a 10 (like an A+) in History, while the rest of the class got 8s, 7s, and a few 9s... Just sayin'.
Winter break is coming next month, we usually have two weeks, but this time, since the teachers were on strike for too long, they are only giving us one week. ONE WEEK! No way I'm going to school, we didn't have anything to do with the fact that teachers' salaries sucked! They are entitled to strike if they want to, or not, but I'm not going to school because the Government refused to raise their salaries, really poor salaries, that is.
My mum, a teacher at a special children's school -children with disabilities- didn't strike because the Gov cut a LOT of money to those who did strike. But out of, say, 30 days of strike, she joined her co-workers in 3 or 4 days. She couldn't strike every day of it, but she was there in spirit.
You can read a previous post about this here. All photos were taken by ME :)

*Did you just see the little girl who sang at the Magic-Lakers game?
WOW, just that.
I'll look into her a little more, later.
My dad said that she used to have trouble communicating. I guess that it's not like that anymore!
Kudos to her!!!
I'm a Spurs fan, but... GO Lakers!

*All this Swine Flu's got the world going nuts trying to stay healthy. But I say:

*What about the Third World's diseases? I don't see anyone trying to help them as much as they are trying to sell you a cure for the SF.

*In Argentina we've got Dengue. Hospitals are now too busy trying to care for "potential" SF infected people, and they are leaving out Dengue infected people. This disease is now killing more people than the SF is, and no one is trying to find a cure for it.

*And what is the deal with the Swine Flu? I mean, it's just a Flu, people! Yes, you get sick. Yes, you get killer headaches and breathing problems and more stuff... but isn't it just like any other flu? The thing my friends, is that we are witnessing a move to sell us
the idea that we'll all die unless we do something.
I think this is b-s. Farmaceutical companies rule a huge part of the world's economy. They are convincing us that we'll get SO sick, that we'll have to buy what solution they bring us. DO NOT believe every word they say, just be careful when you sneeze.

Just sharing my thoughts,
hope you share them too!
Ella ;)

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