Jun 19, 2009

Bloggiesta Updates

*OK, so, earlier I had this dilemma: to go to WordPress or not to go to WordPress...
Right now I'm creating a WP blog, and I'll work on it this weekend, to try to see which blog -this one or the WP one- I'm keeping.
I'll see.

*I've contacted a blogger friend of mine, and asked her to be a guest blogger for my blog. To which she said yes!
Goal achieved!

2 monkey thought (s):

Nadine Laman said...

Do we get to vote? I'd vote Blogger because it is much easier to follow a Blogger blog than WP or LJ.

My 2 cents,


BurtonBookReview said...

I didn't use that favicon site that is under maintenance by the way.
I had to go about it a different way.
I have a wordpress blog but I cannot understand a THING on there so I am sticking to blogger.

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