Jul 12, 2009

Today's Book: Fairy Hunters, Ink.

Summary (from lulu.com):
Have you ever wondered why your child's clothes, or even your own, always end up on the closet floor? Or why your socks go missing from your laundry? Or why ants inevitably show up at your picnics? If you want the answer to these and many other vexing questions, then "Fairy Hunters, Ink." is the book for you. All this and more await you as you follow the adventures of the intrepid band of Fairy Hunters made up of a little girl named Ashley, her friend Big Rabbit, and their fellow companion, Turtle. You will discover which fairy hates to fly, what Teacup Fairies eat, and the favorite games of the Mud Puddle Fairy. And you’ll delight to the the dry, amusing voice of Laura, the narrator whose age is uncertain, but whose gentle management of occasional conflict amoung the band’s members teaches wisdom and tolerance in a way that children can fully understand.

My Opinion:
I love magic. I do. I love Harry Potter, and Peter Pan and Tinkerbell. I love fairies, and have a fairy friend, Blossie. I had never asker her what kind of fairy she was, I was just happy she’d agreed to be my friend. But after reading
Fairy Hunters, Ink., I started wondering about this.
So, I went to Blossie’s room the other day (her room is the little theatre I built for her, which I placed in my room), and asked her what kind of fairy she was. She laughed and said “Well, I’m a Theatre Fairy. Isn’t it obvious?”. I had to admit that it was.

But it was great learning about different kinds of fairies.
There’s the Teacup Fairy, which lives in your teacup, except when you’re using it, of course. There are Sock Fairies, which live in your socks; so when you’re wondering what could have happened to your socks, you know a Sock Fairy took it to turn it into its home.
But my favourite kind of fairy is the Book Fairy. They love to read and have Book Club meetings, just like me. Now I know that when I find a book out of place, it means that a Book Fairy must have been reading it.

Fairy Hunters, Ink. is really a journal, where Sheila, Ashley, Big Rabbit and Turtle share with us their Discoveries.
If you like fairies like I do, and you’d like to learn more about them (things like what they eat, where they live, what is their favourite form of Mischief), then this is the book for you!

Monkey Rating: 3 Monkeys

*How long did it take Ella to read the book?
- She read it in the course of three days.

*Did she like or relate to any of the characters?
- I loved Ashley! She reminded me of myself when I was her age (she’s 5) and I wanted to know everything.

*What was her favourite line/part of the book?
- The part about Turtle finding the Blue Bottle Fairies was my favourite! Turtle is a lovely Hunter.

*Was this a good read for Ella? Did she get stuck at some point?
-It was a great read! She enjoyed the book from beginning to end.


Get It!
-From Fairy Hunters, Ink.

Be on the lookout for a special Interview with author
Sheila A. Dane and her friend Big Rabbit!


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