Jul 7, 2009

Seekrit Revealed!!! Pandemonium all around!

Here it is, the moment you've all been waiting for!

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you:

The Faerie Show!

Starring this Show is the Second Faerie,
Cobblossomothseed. But we just call her Blossie, for short.
She has something to tell you, so watch carefully...

Got the message?
Leave her a thought,
it was hard to get her to my Show, she's really self-conscious.

She got really pissed when she didn't make it to the book cast,
but she's loving how things turned out now!

Stay tuned for more of our adventures!


4 monkey thought (s):

Liyana said...

Love it! :D

The Book Resort said...

Brava, Blossie! Yay, Ella! Congratulations, Lisa!

Hugs & confetti to all.

Polo.Pony said...

Adorable! Congratulations Lisa!!!

I Heart Monster said...

Oh my awesomeness! Great job ELLA! Congrats Lisa!!

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