Jul 18, 2009

New Blog Look

I've been wanting to change my blog's template for a while, but I couldn't find one that made me say "OK, I'll change my current template". But I found this one, and loved how it looked, so I'm keeping it.
The bad thing about this template is that I can't change the fonts' size/colour, so my links are hidden in between the rest of the post. From now on, I'll colour them so they stand out. But I won't do it in the previous posts, that would take me forever to finish. Another thing is that the font size is too little, so I'm writing this post in Large size so you can read it. I can't change the font size of the columns. So, those will stay as you see them now.
But I'm happy with how it looks now, so cute!

Do you like the change?

6 monkey thought (s):

Pizza said...

Looks pretty cool! A month back, when my layout was different, I really wanted to change it, took me ages to find a layout, but someone made it for me.

Ella Press said...

Lucky you!
I couldn't find a monkey-ish layout, but this one looked god, I like how the columns were laid out.
And it works, so...

Thanks for the comment!
I'll be looking for books for the August Challenge :o)

wdebo said...

This looks so great n pretty!!! :)

I really love your header

Sheila DeChantal said...

I like it... I really do! :)

Anonymous said...

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