Jul 6, 2009

I'm bored, yes

So I took the "Which True Blood Character Are You?" Quiz
And I got Sookie!

Sookie was the youngest of two children. Sookie's mind-reading ability was apparent from birth, though most people refused to acknowledge that she was able to literally read minds. Her telepathic powers manifested as a child, and it is indicated in the books that her parents thought she may have been subject to a mental illness, and was treated as such. However, Sookie does tell of one point when her father asked her to "listen" in on a business meeting to discern the true intentions of another person. She told her father the man was intending to take his money and run. Her parents died when she was 7 years old, leaving her and her older brother Jason to be raised by her grandmother.

You are a very strong person and take things as they come, you only worry when you have to and you try to make the best of everything. What people say doesn't get to you.

Take the quiz yourself!

1 monkey thought (s):

The Book Resort said...

You're Sookie... Ella, you ROCK!!!

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