Jul 3, 2009

Crash into Me by Albert Borris (+Awesome giveaway!)

Look at that. Wouldn't you want to win that? I know I would. That's why I'm entering in the

Beautiful Creatures Book Club Contest: Crash Into Me Hardcover & Swag!

You will win: A hardcover of CRASH INTO ME by Albert Borris, a brown suede journal, purple nail polish, a Nirvana Nevermind CD, blueberry Pop Tarts, Twizzlers, 30 Temporary Tattoos & a Necklace made by Kami & Margie + Beautiful Creatures SWAG
Enter NOW!

This is a very special giveaway, for an even more special book.

About the book:

"Owen, Frank, Audrey, and Jin-Ae have one thing in common: they all want to die. When they meet online after each attempts suicide and fails, the four teens make a deadly pact: they will escape together on a summer road trip to visit the sites of celebrity suicides...and at their final destination, they will all end their lives. As they drive cross-country, bonding over their dark impulses, sharing their deepest secrets and desires, living it up, hooking up, and becoming true friends, each must decide whether life is worth living--or if there's no turning back."

"In December, Albert Borris suffered a stroke so severe that he almost died. Although he was lucky to be alive, the stroke robbed Borris of more than his health. He lost his ability to express himself. Crash into Me hadn't even been released and Albert Borris, whose mind was as sharp as ever, was fighting to recover his physical abilities. Ellen Hopkins, who is close with the author, wrote to tell me that he is doing well and making great progress. Last week, Liz B posted a press release to help get the word out about Crash Into Me.

I can't imagine what it would be like to be unable to promote the release of my debut novel, let alone to lose my ability to speak and write." Kami Garcia

I couldn't agree more with her.
I don't know what I'd do if I couldn't speak, or write, or even laugh.
That would be a grim life. Certainly not one I'd want to live.
I'm here to spread the word, to help this author get the recognition he deserves.
Now you help me.

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The Book Resort said...

What an awesome contest!

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