Jul 2, 2009

Beautiful Creatures Covers: US vs UK

(US Cover)

(UK Cover)

I dunno about you, but I like the US cover better. It would definitely catch my eye in a book store.

But I love this from the back of the UK one:
"Set in a mystical atmospheric and historically rich Deep South world, this is the next love affair to bewitch 750.000 Stephenie Meyer fans who are craving their next literary fix."

Now, being a SM fan myself, I think this is a book I'd want to read!

Which one d'you prefer?


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3 monkey thought (s):

The Book Resort said...

Love the UC cover, Ella. The US cover is so haunting!

Ivy said...

Hy, Ella! I check your blog each day, it's great! I like the US cover better too, the UK is a bit in-your-face, though it definitely got me with "Edward loves Bella"!!
I just cheched with the bookstore, OF COURSE they don't have it...but they definitely plan to get it, so I can't wait!
Lots of love,

Ella Press said...

Agree with both of you!
Don't be a stranger Ivy!

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