Jul 30, 2009

I'm home! (and got me some new books! wii!!!)

After more than a week away from home, I'm finally back!
I've missed my house, my room, my bed, my TV, and most importantly, my dog Peyton. Here she is:
Isn't she cute? I think so.

So, I've got a few things to share with you:

I found
Graceling! In Spanish! A year after its release in the US, just a year! Now that is important. And of course, I bought it.Notice the sentence below Graceling? It means The Seven Kingdoms I
What I liked about it was that it's the same cover than the US one. It was the 1st thing I saw when entering the store, and I grabbed it and didn't let go.

I am officially opening a rehab centre for Bookaholics; it'll be called
BBA (Bookaholics Blogging Anonymously). No joke.
I have a problem. I buy too many books, when I should be saving for college, and for my end of HS trip to Bariloche (google it. Beautiful city, right in my province).

I must have spent like 200-250 pesos in books this month! That is
a lot.
Most of them were new, just one was used.

I got:
Graceling; VD: The Awakening, and The Struggle (just finished it); Nights in Rodanthe (lovely book, review is coming); Los Días Del Venado (can you believe I forgot it at my grandma's? noooo!!!); The Dog Walker (looks good, I read a similar book and loved it, so...); and a bunch more. (all of them in Spanish, it's hard to get your hands on books in English around here).

So, I thought "
Maybe when I get back home I'll find something nice for me!".
Boy, was I dreaming!
I'm still (
still!) waiting for my books and mail. My 1st win was Twenty Boy Summer, more than a month ago! This is certainly testing my patience. I thank my personal god for having other books to read while waiting.

Last Monday 20th was
Friend's Day here in Argentina :o)
Sadly, I was out of town, and most of my friends were too, so we're getting together this Saturday!
Do you have a Friend's Day in your Country? Or sth similar?
It's a great day, really. We share meals, mates, cakes, presents..
And we get to spend the day with our lovely group of friends,
my beautiful people, as I call them.

I just learned that the actress that played Victoria in Twilight won't be back for Eclipse (that character doesn't show up in New Moon)!
(old Victoria-new Victoria)

Rachelle's being replaced by Bryce Dallas Howard (The Village, Lady in the Water). I think they actually look alike, do you?
Anyway, I hate it when they do stuff like this! Changing actors is the worst move they can do. Remember when the wanted to change Taylor Lautner (Jacob) because Jacob's character's supposed to be bigger than he was in Twilight? Look at Taylor now, that's all I have to say (I still think he has a baby face, but that body...).

Ok, my BP (beautiful people), I'm going...
to bed!


5 monkey thought (s):

pirate penguin said...

I love getting books in spanish! I feel so smart being able to understand them, lol. I really want to get Evernight by Claudia Gray in spanish (Medianoche♥).

I still don't get why they're changing the girl who plays Victoria. I think she's perfect!!! (unless the actress wanted to leave). I totally agree with you about Taylor. He's so yummy looking now, hah!

Ivy said...

Hi Ella!
Welcome home! I hope you enjoyed your vacation and that you read a lot!
Thank you for following me! And you certainly deserve this award!
And about the actress-at first, I hated her simply for the character she was playing, but after I saw some interviews, I thought she's nice. Now I'm a bit sad, she really grew on me.

Nadine Laman said...

Welcome Home, Ella!

You were missed!


wdebo said...

Aw, your dog is so cute!!

GRR why did they change Victoria??!! Stupid producers...she was exactly what I pictured Victoria to be!!

And so true about Taylor! But I still think of him as Sharkboy :P

Juju said...

1. Cute doggy
2. While I love Bryce I was SO upset to hear about Rachelle's leaving.
3. I shamelessly love Taylor. Even if I'm almost old enough to be his teenage mama.

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