Jul 8, 2009

My First Weekly Geeks Meme

Today's Weekly Geeks brought to you by Wendy from Caribousmom.

Here in the United States, families and individuals are celebrating our independence. Traditionally, July 4th means putting out our flags, watching fireworks displays, going to parades and concerts, barbecuing with family, and beach trips with friends. Fourth of July also makes us think of hot summer nights, summer vacations, and relaxation. In many ways, it signifies the "kick off" to summer. But on a more serious note, it represents the history, government, and traditions of our country.

So here is your "task" for this week's Weekly Geeks:

1. If you are an American citizen, share what the Fourth of July means to you and how you celebrate it. Do you think of it as the true start to summer?
4th of July means it is definitely summer. 4th of July means fireworks, bar~be~ques, humidity that clings to you, summer storms, the beach, dips in the pool, schools out, long days & lazy nights. It means lemonade, iced tea & beach reading.

2. If you are from another country, other than the United States, share what national holidays are significant to your country. Are any of them similar to our celebration of Independence Day? Are there traditions around their celebration? Do they suggest the beginning of a season or something other than the National purpose?

Our Independance Day is on the 9th of July. But we don't celebrate it like you do, it's just a school commemoration, a holiday.

3. Go a step further...let's talk books.

~ Have you read a good fiction or nonfiction book which centers around a country's search for independence?

None come to mind.

~ Do you have any book recommendations which embody the traditions or celebrations of your country?

Martin Fierro

~ And since the Fourth of July brings to mind summertime ... are there any great summer reads you are looking forward to reading over the next month or two?

(from my Wish List):
Eyes Like Stars ~ Lisa Mantchev
Prophecy of the Sisters ~ Michelle Zink
Blue Moon ~ Alyson Noel

2 monkey thought (s):

ibdragon said...

I have tagged your for a meme. If you want to play tag here is the link.
Sometimes I wonder why I do these things.

The Book Resort said...

I loved your answers.
Love your wishlist books. What terrific books!

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