Jul 14, 2009

Nooo! Damn you Swine Flu! You cancelled my Book Fair, YOU!

Because of the Swine Flu (Arg is the 3rd country with the most amount of infected people) they've cancelled the 20th Children and YA's Book Fair! That's not fair! (pun intended).
It was supposed to start yesterday (I just found out about it being cancelled) , and I was hoping to go since I'm going to visit my grandma soon, and I could've gone (Bs As is close to Lincoln) with my Mum or my cousins.
These fairs are beautiful, they always have shows, and stands where you can play -games for the little ones and not so little ones too- and all sorts of fun things!
Last year's theme was Pirates, and it looks like this year's was going to be about Frogs (or sth related). Now we'll never now.

And it's not like they're moving it, changing the dates, they are simply cancelling it, until next year!
We don't have so many book fairs like in the US (the ALA right now, the BEA...) this is IT. This one -for YA and kids-, an International one -just finished, and I didn't know about it-, and a 'grown-ups' one -long finished (May). And it's not like you can just go to Buenos Aires, it costs money. A book here is
expensive; for you it may be us$10, but multiply that by 4. That's how much a book costs here, and arg$40 is cheap actually. Breaking Dawn, for instance, costed me arg$ 72. So it's not like I can go with, say, $100 like you do (assumption), I have to have money to spend.

I was reading Kristi's blog and Kristen's Blog (LOL) about ALA, and they were saying that they got
free books (!) and really cheap books (again !!!), and I can tell you that does not happen so often down here.

fear not! I will go up there and attend one (or a few, if the budget lets me) of this awesomes (not sure if that word exists, but...) Book Events! When I have $$$, that is...

Maybe visit some of my blogging friends. :o)


3 monkey thought (s):

Ivy said...

Aw...I'm so sorry about your bookfair...I know what you mean by the reduced number of fairs. We have one in October, Interliber, and it's really great. That's where I found out about Twilight two years ago, before all the buzz started, and got it for a reasonable prize-in English, it cost around $8, but the translated costs double now.
Luckily, in the town where I study is a bookstore that offers lots of books in English for cheap; I just bought my own Da Vinci Code for $7-even for our standard, it's cheap!
Hope you won't get the flu!

Joe said...

ok fair. I feel so lucky. We have many book fairs in the states. I had no idea that books in Argentina were so expensive. If you come to the states you are welcome to stay with me and my husband and our four poodles. We have a guest bedroom and would be glad to put you up. We have every year a grand Festival of the Book. Lots of famous authors and publishers come. They aren't all children's books, but it is a fun time anyway. And don't get the flu.
Sheila in C'ville, VA

Sheila DeChantal said...

That is a bummer! I feel because I know how bad I would love to attend one of these and plan to do all I can to make that happen next year...

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