Jul 13, 2009

Funny Twilight Related Site

I just found TwilightGuy.com, and it's making me write things like LOL, ROTFLMAO, and ZOMG (no idea what the Z in ZOMG means).

It's about this guy (Kaleb Nation) and his journey reading the Twilight Saga.

Check this buttons out:

So funny!

He posts about his thoughts on every chapter (he's currently reading chapter 21 of Breaking Dawn) and he also vlogs about stuff related to Twilight. You definitely need to visit his site, it is hilarious!

Kaleb is also a writer. His book comes out 9/9/9 (lol).

So, visit TwilightGuy.com!


1 monkey thought (s):

Allie said...

haha, this site is awesome! I read an article on here once, but didn't think to explore the rest of the site.

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