Jul 28, 2009

I'm almost home... (and a question to you all)

...not yet though.
I'm getting home and still waiting for my books and mail to get to me!
I've been waiting for some stuff for more than a month!
I asked my mum if there was anything for me at home, and she said no... So, I wonder, why haven't I recieved my books yet?

I won 3 -maybe 4- in giveaways, and most were being sent by the publishers. So, I have a question:
How long does it take before publishers sent the books to their winners?
It must take longer to people outside the US, so that's why I have been waiting patiently until now... I thought that was the reason. I'm starting to think there could be something else behind it.
And I'm also starting to think the PO has something to do with it. Argentinian PO, that is.

So, I'm going to keep on waiting, I'm bound to get something eventually.

A question to you:
How long does it take
you to receive something you've won in a giveaway -book or not? Does it take longer if it comes from a publisher rather than a blogger?

I'm going home tomorrow so I'll be back with full energy to monkey around with you all!
Have a good Tuesday,

4 monkey thought (s):

celi.a said...

It's taken a couple of weeks, mostly, and it's the same for publishers and bloggers. I'm in the US...maybe that makes a difference?
I have had a few books either lost in the mail or that never reached, me, though...sad!

jennilovevirgo said...

Well I live in the US, and have recieved books fairly quickly from both bloggers and publishers. Publishers tend to ship UPS, which goes extremely fast...although they never knock on the door and they leave my packages sitting on the stoop in the pouring rain! Ugh, I almost had 2 books ruined from rain because of this.

I have been waiting for almost 2 months for 2 packages from Bookmooch (each one is containing at least 3 books). I'm beginning to think that either they didn't ship at all (first time swapping with them), or the PO has lost them :(

The Book Resort said...

Hope my book gets to you this week!

etirv said...

From publisher, usually from a week and a half to 3 weeks.

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