Nov 14, 2009

Wasn't I smart?

I just learned that the first word I read was "Mickey", from a little book my mum had gotten me for one of our long distance trips, when I was 2 and a half!

I never asked her for candy, instead I wanted her to get me one of those colouring books from the bus stations' kiosks, or one with pictures.

I still have that book. It's called "Mickey and the Giant".

Once I started Kindergarten, my mum got a phone call one day. My teachers asked her if I had certain books at home (same ones as the ones that were at kindergarten) and my mum said: "no, she doesn't have those books here. Why do you ask?"
And the teacher told her that I was sitting in front of a little group, apparently reading, and they wanted to know if I knew those books by heart. Because how could I have been reading? I was 3!
But yes, I could read at the tender age or 3.

This was just a little anecdote I wanted to share with y'all.


2 monkey thought (s):

Allison said...

Awe what a cute story! :)

I learned to read pretty fluently when I was four but that wasn't really discovered until I went to kindergarten already reading!

The Book Resort said...

How precious! I was an early reader, too!

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