Nov 15, 2009

Covers: 1st Part

The Perfect Boy cover, made with JordynFace.

I love them all! And it looks as if everyone else does too! I have a bunch of covers I still need to make!
I'm seriously thinking of taking a course to keep working on this, designing and stuff.

What do you think?

4 monkey thought (s):

Allison said...

Wait? Seriously? You made these? They're really good!!

juan carlos said...

Yep, I made them all, except the 1st one, where I just made the pic, and the author put the words in it :P


I'll be posting more soon :)

Ella Press said...

Wait, that's my dad's name ^-^

The Book Resort said...

Brava, Ella! My faves: The Perfect Boy, Pangs of Conscience & Taking Eden.

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