Nov 21, 2009

NaNoWriMo Update

i've decided i won't be finishing NaNo this year.

november is not a good month for me to do this,
a) i'm graduating from high school in a week!
b) therefore, i need to focus on not getting my grades down, or my mum will kill me;
c) i'm busy organising a graduation gift for my friends :)
d) i have 20-so covers to make for NaNoers!

i've been told by many people that they'd love to have a cover made by me, and of course i said yes. but I had to put up a comment telling them i wasn't taking any more requests, since i had a lot already!

here are the last three i made:

i'm seriously proud of myself (don't mean to brag :P) i love how they look, and the authors do too!
that's all that matters to me, their approval.

i will not however, give up on my story.
i'll continue it once all this graduation madness is over.
because i seriously believe in it :)

4 monkey thought (s):

Ivana said...

These covers are great, I'd love to read the first one!
Congratulations on your graduation. This must be a super-exciting time for you, enjoy it!

The Book Resort said...

Stunning! Lovin' those covers.

The Book Resort said...

I am so sad you are putting it on hold... but graduation is approaching! Woot!

Ella Press said...

Woot woot!
Thanks guys!

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