Nov 16, 2009

Author Guest Post: LM Preston: How I Do It All

The lovely LM Preston has written a very interesting post, about how she manages to be a mum, an Engineer, a teacher, and an author! That's a lot of work! Here are some tips for the wannabe author, by LM Preston:

How do I do it all? Well to start, I am a mom of four kids. I work a full-time job as an Engineer, and I teach part-time at a University. Lastly, I am an author.
I learned a long time ago to manage my time. I’ll provide tips below, however, you must make time management work for you. I make it fun, by managing to do something I enjoy, which is writing every day. If I am not writing, I am usually imagining aspects of a story, because I am an proverbial daydreamer. Most of my friends or family would never think that I am working on stories while I am cooking dinner, taking a shower, driving or eating my lunch...

Steps to do more in a day than you ever thought possible:

Take time to evaluate what stimulates you to accomplish your goals.
I knew that in order for me to get anything done, I needed to have many things going on at one time. I know it sounds weird, but I write best when I am surrounded by my kids. I also need lots, and lots of breaks. Therefore, most times I write in 10 to 30 minute sprints. I take breaks to play with my kids, watch television, or goof off on the internet (very bad habit because I end up slipping and playing for an hour online).


Carry a calendar, pda, ipod or cellphone.

I use all of these items to keep me on track.
You must have the tools of the trade. I use my cellphone and my pocket calendar to store all of my task, appointments, and goals for the week. I even set the alarms or alerts on these devices to call me or beep me to remind me of events. That way if I am riding in the car, I know what I can do to pass the time, yet be efficient.


Update your pocket calendar or ipod, and set reminders for task or goals that you send yourself with your phone, email calendar, or notes in your pocket calendar.
I drive my family crazy with this. I set reminders for my writing time on my cellphone, and my calendars.

I prefer to say dream list. I believe that most people are more apt to complete goals that are in line with their dreams. Therefore, don’t create a DREAM LIST of stuff you have to do like, homework, pick up kids, cook dinner. Create a dream list (or bucket list) of things you want to accomplish before you leave earth. Then list the things you can do or have to do in order to check off your DREAM LIST.
My DREAM LIST included, write a book, snowboard, ride in a hot air balloon, scuba drive, hang glide, and travel. Of those items on my list I have completed over half by my personal deadline dates.


Use those boring, do nothing moments effectively.

I spend a lot of time at my kid’s sports practice just waiting for them to get finished. Therefore, I usually carry my manuscripts with me, and while I am sitting there for two hours waiting for them, I edit my books. If I don’t have books to edit, I give out bookmarks or other promotional gifts. I also, take a notebook for writing notes, or snippets for any Work In Progress I have. I also use the time to check student’s assignments from my teaching job at the university. Also, when I am riding in the car on long trips, I bring my laptop and write while my husband drives.

Set realistic deadlines for your DREAM LIST. Then squeeze in time to reach those dreams in your everyday life.

I have accomplished and experienced so many things in my life. Some things I have attempted, and yet failed. Others, I have attempted and changed course, and some I have conquered and am satisfied. Imagine your time here on Earth is a gift, an adventure of which you want to taste and do all the things your can before you leave. You will be surprised and amazed at all you have experienced if you know yourself, love yourself, dream big dreams, map a path to reach them, and enjoy every minute along the way.

by LM Preston, Author of EXPLORER X - Alpha.

Thanks LM for those amazing tips! I'll definitely be trying to integrate some to my every day routine ;)

Did you find these tips helpful?

If you'd like to learn more about the author and her work, go to

13 monkey thought (s):

RKCharron said...

Hi LM :)
Thank you for the great time mastery tips.
All the best,

Anonymous said...

It was very interesting for me to read this blog. Thank you for it. I like such themes and everything that is connected to this matter. I definitely want to read more on that blog soon.

Ella Press said...

Thanks Anon!
Next time, would you mind signing with your name? Doesn't have to be real, just a nickname/username!
I like knowing who visits my blog :)

The Book Resort said...

Gr8 info! Thank you, ladies!

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