Nov 13, 2009

NaNo Chat :)

So, I was on Twitter today, and saw a tweet about a NaNo Chat room.
If you read my previous post, you know I'm way behind on my word cound (12,056, when I should be on 20,000), so I needed the encouragement.

I did not expect to find such a great crowd in there. Really.
They are the bestest.
Yes, I just said bestest, what you gonna do?
So anyway, there we were, talking about our word counts, characters and such, and we started giving each other advice -actually we started giving Jordyn advice-

This is what went down: (click for bigger images)

(this is our Ninja Master)

Jordyn dear, we're waiting for The Ninja Book.
You said you'd have it by Yesterday (well that was Khy...)
Just sayin'

Here's what I think TNB should be about:
The Ninja Book will be about three gorgeous girls (Khy, Mya and Ella, of course)
who will learn they're descendants from this really old Ninja Clan.
They will be beautiful and kick everyone's as***
Cause they're the bestest.
And they'll kick the vamps butts,and marry the werewolves that become wolves only on winter.
And that's cool cause they'll need to keep warm, so that's a plus for them
And when the film comes out, gorgeous actors will play us.
And they'll sparkle.
The End.

Major discovery! Khy is actually a Vampire! She is! She said so:

(we were talking about e-readers, fyi)Too bad Sparkles don't show up on film.
We could have made a fortune!

Next post: Title suggestions for JordynFace!

1 monkey thought (s):

Jordyn said...

Uh well I actually already have a plot BUT YOURS IS NICE TOO. And I need titles.

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