Apr 2, 2009


Time is a wonderful thing. It's what keeps the universe going.
It's what measures our lives.
I've learnt recently that everything comes in due time.
This is what all of us should know, how to be patient.
If you get mad at something for not working, that something won't fix itself. You will.
"Everything come eventually." This is my new mantra.
I say it whenever life gets hard, when things aren't working the way they should.
Take a deep breath and repeat this to yourself.
Don't try and rush things.
Everything is already planned out for us, that thing you want won't come because you want it to. You'll just have to wait for it.
But in the meantime, enjoy your life.
Explore, do new and exciting adventures, try what you thought you would never try.

This is my thought for today, hope you'll put it into practice.


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