Apr 7, 2009

Palm Reading / Lectura de la Palma de la Mano

So, after a long (too long) chat with the girls from the SGP Cbox, I kind of learned a bit about Palm Reading... Thanks to Niamh for encouraging me to post this! Stay tuned for tomorrow's Research of Lincoln's Palm!!!

Here are some of the things I was able to find (for my palm):

The Three Main Lines:
1- The heart line originating at the border of Jupiter and Saturn denotes the coolness of Saturn and the idealism of Jupiter. Although reserved, you have strong and deep feelings.

Suggestion: With this origin you are faced with an emotional dilemma in that you are on the threshold of change. Therefore, even though you are used to behaving in a reserved and cautious manner, you must learn to trust your feeling to be more spontaneous in expressing your love. As a consequence, you will be released from the overcautious and matter-of-fact nature of Saturn.

2- The head line originating on Mars Negative indicates that you are overly sensitive and may misinterpret the intentions of others. As a result of your, at times, subjective perception, you may see others as "stepping on your toes" when perhaps they are just being straightforward. Consequently, you can overreact and become defensive.

Suggestion: You need to stay calm, composed and non-reactive when you feel that you are being judged or criticized. Otherwise, when you become defensive, you dissipate your energy, you weaken your nervous system and, in general, you create bad feelings with those who simply want to love and support you.

The head line terminating on Mars Positive indicates that, once you find your passion, you will commit to it fully, with all your energy and attention. For example, you can pioneer innovative techniques with your visionary ideas. Your intensity and passion, on an impersonal level, shows that you can accomplish a great deal and help many people who are searching for solutions, and looking for strength and leadership. However, on a personal level, there is a caution. As the head line cuts straight across your palm to Mars positive, this is an indication that you can be unyielding and stubborn in your views.

Suggestion: You need to chann
el your potent energy into realizing some all-encompassing concept that can keep you focused and involved. Otherwise, you can become restless, bored and frustrated. Unable to channel your energy appropriately, you may also become impatient, critical and demanding with those you love. Although these latter qualities can be helpful fighting for something that you believe in, they can be the cause of conflict and disharmony in your relationships. You need to be calmly active and actively calm.

3- A straight life line indicates that due to your intense nature, you can make life difficult for yourself. Due to your inflexibility, you may attract confrontations and other challenging life circumstances that otherwise could be avoided.

Suggestion: You need to realize that you can work with peace, poise and harmony, and accomplish even more than when you are stressed. By developing an amiable temperament, you will attract more happiness and love into your life. You must embrace positive thoughts and associate with positive-minded people.

Anyway, this is kind of what my hand looks like...

Some good points:

*I have an intense nature,

have strong and deep feelings,

"once you find your passion, you will commit to it fully, with all your energy and attention." (!!!).

All true...

What does your hand look like?

xo, Ella

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