Apr 14, 2009

My Mother, my Mentor

Kelly Tenney's last post got me thinking, do I have a mentor? who? and what does it mean to have one?

I really didn't believe I could have one, I'm only 17 an have a long way to go.
But then, I realized, you can have many mentors throughout your life, who will help you in many different ways.

One of them, the most important one so far (and probably, till the end of my days), has been my Mother.
My crazy, old fashioned, really patient, loving mother.

With her, I learned the basic things you must know in order to survive in this world. Although she may think I don't pay attention to her, I actually do, well, most of the time.
She's always been here for me, wether I wanted her to or not. Guiding me in the right direction.
Conforting me when I needed her to, and grounding me when I thought I was right, and turned out I wasn't.

I absolutely adore her, although, I may not tell her that very often.
Maybe I should...

As the years will go by, I'll be discovering many new things and perhaps, find new people to guide me through this journey we call "life".


I also wanted to mention the guys from SGP: Hilarie, Nick and Kelly, who have taught me that any seed we plant can grow into a magnificent tree, always keeping our feet, or roots, on the ground.
Now I now for a fact that every dream of ours can come true.
You just need to pour your heart and soul into it.


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