Apr 29, 2009

Kristi's Photo Hunt!

seeing that i won't have access to a computer this weekend, i'm posting my photos for the PSH today.

it didn't rain here, so item nº 14- rain, is missing.
i couldn't find a pair of shoes that would blow my mind away, so item 10-a pair of shoes, also missing.
same thing with the work of art - item nº16- and the interesting architecture - item nº1.
(Viedma is the administrative capital of Rio Negro, so architecture here's pretty dull)

2- a sign of autumn

3- something musical

4- something sweet

5- something metallic

6- a landscape (not sure if this one's ok)

7- an interesting doorway

8- a reflection

9- a cemetery
(that's my dad's shadow!)

11- a body of water

12- a drink (mate, typical Argentinian drink)

13- a mosaic or mural

15- classic car (1970 or older)

17- a church

18- a statue

19- an interesting sky (my favourite!)

20- something in motion

21- light at night (kinda blurry)

22- a silhouette

23- something historical (pre-1900)

24- a shot from an unusual perspective

25- flowers

26- self-portrait

so there you go, i joined this to have some fun, me and my digital (and sometimes my dad's borrowed nikon) camera... i don't expect to win or anything, but i would like you to leave a thought!

xo, Ella

2 monkey thought (s):

lisaschaos said...

Very nice! I love them all! Still laughing over the elephant truck. :)

Karen said...

Cool photos. I especially like the pic of the accordion.

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