Apr 22, 2009

Bibis and French Lesson/ Bibis y Clase de Francés

"She sings as effortlessly as she breathes, an exhale of poetry and sincerity." Hilarie Burton.
I couldn't agree more...

Ladies and gentleme
"Canta sin esfuerzo así como respira, un exhalo de poesía y sinceridad." Hilarie Burton.

No podría estar más de acuerdo...

Damas y Caballeros: BIBIS!

Bibis: Hey Southern Gothic fans! This is Bibis singing. I am going to play you a song I wrote, and it’s called “Foxes.”

("Foxes" Lyrics- Thank you Nicole, Vero and Niamh!)

Oh, you will ride your foxes
And swim with armies
You said you’d build us a tower where we could
stretch our legs and be free

Oh, you have built this tower
Made of lies and misery
You scraped the skin from my bones
Tied knots in my veins
you have built this hole of me

Oh, you will ride your foxes
You say you’d save me
You swore you’d love, love me

Oh, I could swim these waters that have poured out of me
I almost threw out my arms and swore you were the calvary
But every mask, every day
Through porcelain I see
This fairy's tale is fading
But I’m a little bit brighter
Than you knew me to be
My spine unwinds, you see

Yeah, this vision is fading
And these walls don’t sing
And I wonder if you ever think of me
Oh, I wonder if you ever think of me


(Wearing my SGP Street Team T in my French Lesson, spreading the SGP love! / Usando mi remera del SGP Street Team en mi Clase de Francés, repartiendo el amor SGP!)

xo, Ella

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