Apr 10, 2009

SoGoPro's T-Shirts, what a Dilemma!

So a few hours ago, the big secret was revealed!
The guys from the SoGoPro Crew have designed a really cool T-Shirt and are selling it to US$ 40, to raise money for their new company.
They need everyone to buy one, or how many as you like, to start collecting funds for SoGoPro.

Ok, so here's my problem:
1- the shirts are way too expensive for me (US$ 40 = ARG $ 150- without shipping costs),
2- even if I had the money, which I would save anyway to get one, I don't live in the US! So I'm thinking it would be even more expensive if I found a way to get one,
3- and I really, really want one! They are signed by my Favourite actress!

So I had a moment of inspiration. Instead of feeling sorry for myself, I thought... :
A few days ago, I was actually planning on making a SoGoPro T-Shirt myself, just didn't know how to design it.
And now, after having consulted it with the guys of the SoGoPro Street Team (I'm a proud member!), I came up with the idea of borrowing the design and making the T-Shirt anyway!
This way, I'll be morally supporting SoGoPro, just not financially.
Like I said before, I would be more than happy to help Hilarie, Nick and Kelly, so I will, first chance I get!
I hope they approve of my idea...
It would be so cool to be wearing the T-Shirt, and someone asking me : "hey, what's that on the T-Shirt?" And then I would reply: "It's SoGoPro, man! The best film producer in the world!"

So there you go. I'm making the T, and will wear it proudly!
(If Hil, Nick, or Kelly should read this, I'm backing you up all the way down from Argentina! Hope you don't get too mad at me!)

I'll post some pics once the T is made.

Leave a thought if you feel like it...

xo, Ella.

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