Apr 8, 2009

The palm of Lincoln Booth.

After extensive researching, here I give you: LB's Palm!
(In bold is what N.Gray has shared with us abous LB's palm, the rest is my research and conclussions. Not all will be exact. And we still don't know if the LEFT HAND is his dominant hand.
The left hand is a good indicator of what is happening in the person's personal and private home life.
It's got nothing to do with the present or past. But, for that we'd have to ask n.gray which one it is...).

*each of his fingertips are different. - This mixture helps to create a person a diversity of qualities and talents. (I guess Lincoln’s a very talented man).

*his pinky is short. – When the little finger is shorter than the normal length, it shows a lack of the ability to influence others. - The little finger deals with activity (health, mind, commercial ventures). (It seemes that Lincoln can’t be very influential, and has a hard time when doing bussineses).

*his ring finger is long. – When the ring finger is longer than the normal height, the person tends to have an artistic talent, as well as a reckless and wild nature. - The ring finger deals with fulfillment (fame, success). (We all know that Lincoln is very artistic, and wild-natured. It also looks like, having a long ring finger, he’s going to be famous and succesful).

*his knuckles are noticeable. -->Air - square or rectangular palms with long fingers and sometimes protruding knuckles, low-set thumbs, and dry skin; length of the palm less than length of fingers (I don’t know about the shape of his hand, but let’s imagine it’s kinda like this):

• sociable, talkative and witty
• can be shallow, spiteful and cold
• comfortable with the mental and the intangible (Mona, perhaps?)
• do things in different and radical ways

*the flesh beneath his thumb is greatly raised, and is home to many small weak lines. - At the base of the thumb is the Mount of Venus, which shows love, sympathy, music and passion. (So, having a greatly raised Mount of Venus, we can assume he loves with passion, has sympathy for others, and loves music).

*the flesh at the bottom of his hand below the pinky is greatly raised, and is home to a deep X, and another mark that resembles a whirlpool. The edge of the hand below the base of the Mount of Mercury is the Mount of Moon. This shows imagination, mysticism, coldness and selfishness. (Great imagination, can be cold and selfish).

*there is a good amount of flesh beneath his pointer finger. The mount at the base of the index finger is the Mount of Jupiter and it denotes ambition, leadership, religion, and love of nature. (This tells us that he’s ambitious, a good leader, loves nature –remember his wild nature?- and there’s something going on about his religion...).

*the middle of his palm sinks low. The middle part of the palm, forms the Plain of Mars, which shows courage, bravery and aggression. (Lower the palm goes, more courage, bravery and agression the person’s got. From this we take that Lincoln is a courageous man, very brave –I’m thinking he’ll help you if you need him to- and he can get agressive if pushed).

*his head line is deep. The thinking is clear and focused. (He’s mind seems in order, but is it?).

*his head line starts below his pointer finger and extends with a slight downward curve below the ring finger. This is the creativity a person has. (Lincoln’s very creative, we know that).

*his head line sits far from his heart line. (He’s bad when handling emotions. Not got over Mona?).

*his heart line is also deep. This line shows the emotional nature of the person, along with any problems relating to the heart. (He’s got a very emotional nature, and his heart is aching deeply –again, Mona?).

*his life line begins above his head line and crosses through it. Cautious when it comes to relationships. (Looks like Mona caused a lot of damage in our man...).

*his life line and head line are intercepted by several Xs. Momentous decisions. (!!!).

*there is a deep semi-circle that extends from the left of his middle finger to the right of his ring finger.--

*the lines at the base of his thumb are broken. --

*his destiny line starts from across his life line, and while broken twice along the way, proceeds straight up to the middle finger. Self-made individual; develops aspirations early on. Prone to many changes in life from external forces. (He got to where he is by himself, and his life can take a 180-degree-turn caused by someone on the outside, Jay maybe?).

*there is a star on the fingertip of his pointer finger. – A Star is a sign of great importance wherever it appears on hand. A line that ends in a star signifies great accomplishments. (Our Lincoln is going a long, long way!).

So it looks like he’s a very creative and talented man, which we already knew, his emotions are not in a good shape and his heart is still sore from his relationship with Mona, ?, which makes him cautious when it comes to his relationships. We know that he loves with passion, and for a long period of time. He’ll stay with you during your darkest hour! There are tons of things going on in his head. He had a difficult beginning but now, he seems to befinally finding himself.
He has a long and successful life ahead of him, but the dilemma is: who will stand beside him when the time comes?

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