Apr 12, 2009

Christian Holiday...

Not so long ago, I started questioning my religion -I was a christian.
Questions started popping up in my mind, like: how do people know Jesus did all the things they say he did? How can they be so sure?
I do recognize his existence, it's the miracle part the one I'm not so sure about.
So I started researching (it looks like I'm doing that more and more every day), and found a Buddhist site.
Reading through it, I realized this was the way of life for me.
Not having a God, only a Master, seems very rational.
I look at people who are very devoted to God, and some of them I get, some of them I think are just ridiculous. Living in a certain way, dressing like this, talking like that, so they won't upset their God.
I do think it's good to have something to believe in, but just don't take it to the extremes.

Buddhism has taught me so many things, I'm seeing life through new eyes.
I'm still learning though, and have a long way to go.

But, how to explain this to my family and friends? Some of them know about this, and they tease me, but I guess it's until they see I'm really into this new me.
Some, I'm afraid to come clean to. Afraid of their reaction.

I've decided to celebrate Easter anyway, celebrate my family's happiness. My little brothers' excitement when they open their eggs.

I'll speak when I'm ready.

xo, Ella

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