Sep 20, 2009

In My Mailbox #2

In My Mailbox was inspired by Alea of Pop Culture Junkie
and started by Kristi of The Story Siren.

This week I got some great books!

Summary (from Amazon):

Unceremoniously fired from her job as Half Moon Hollow's children's librarian, Jane Jameson drowns her sorrows with a handsome stranger, vampire Gabriel Nightengale. When Jane is accidentally shot, Gabriel saves her life by turning her undead. As Jane starts to get used to chatting with her dead aunt, finding creative ways to dodge her mother's nosy questions and enjoying the chemistry with Gabriel, she's brought up short by being named a suspect in a recent vampire murder. Jane's snarky first-person narrative is as charming as it is hilarious,g enough humanity to connect instantly with readers. Harper keeps the quips coming without overdoing the sarcasm, and her take on vampire lore will intrigue and entertain even the most jaded paranormal fan.

Read my Review here.

Summary (from Amazon):

Once a devoted children's librarian, Jane Jameson now works at a retaininrundown occult bookstore. Once a regular gal, she's now a vampire. And instead of a bride, she's an eternal bridesmaid -- which leads her to question where exactly her relationship with her irresistibly sexy sire, Gabriel, is headed. Mercurial, enigmatic, apparently commitment-phobic vampires are nothing if not hard to read. While Jane is trying to master undead dating, she is also donning the ugliest bridesmaid's dress in history at her best friend Zeb's Titanic-themed wedding. Between a freaked-out groom-to-be, his hostile werewolf in-laws, and Zeb's mother, hell-bent on seeing Jane walk the aisle with Zeb, Jane's got the feeling she's just rearranging the proverbial deck chairs.Meanwhile, Half Moon Hollow's own Black Widow, Jane's Grandma Ruthie, has met her match in her latest fiancé. He smells like bad cheese and has a suspicious history of dead spouses. But Jane's biting her tongue. After all, would a nice girl really think she has a future with a vampire?

---Thanks to Diane for holding the giveaway in which I won these books! and Thanks to Molly for signing them both!---

Summary (from NadineLamanBooks):

Kathryn abruptly ends a self-imposed exile to return to Los Angeles. Her friends and a cryptic letter written by a powerful man push Kathryn to reconcile the past. Who says, “You can’t go home again?” Sometimes that is exactly what must be done. But, is it worth it?

Summary (from NadineLamanBooks):

Kathryn has the perfect job, the perfect friends and family, and the perfect lover; until a client dies, her lover moves away, she meets her paternal grandfather and learns the secret of her identity. Things are starting to make sense or are they really what they appear to be?

Summary (from NadineLamanBooks):
Grandfather McKenzie makes a surprise announcement at a staged media event. He names his successor to the McKenzie multi-billion dollar empire. The McKenzie heirs are not thrilled. The first lesson is: Money corrupts. Lesson two: Everyone has an agenda.

Thanks Nadine for sending
me these awesome books!

She also sent me a really cool cap, which I plan to use whenever I go for a walk along the riverside. Thank you, you're the best!


Summary (from

Who is the “real” Shawna Gallagher? “Perfect” Shawna, a mature, responsible high school senior who caters to her controlling father, and plans to attend medical school instead of exploring her talent as an artist? “Pathetic” Shawna, who still stings from the betrayal of her former best friend, and lusts painfully after a guy who’s obviously out for one thing? Or “Evil” Shawna, whose unexpected snarky comments make the other Shawnas shrivel with embarrassment, and who resents the fact that her estranged, openly gay mom deserted her years ago? Her life explodes when her mom suddenly dies, leaving behind a long-time lover, Fran, and Fran’s two sons. Seventeen-year-old Arye makes no attempt to hide his disdain for Shawna, while his quirky little brother Schmule takes an inexplicable liking to her—two “stepbrothers” who knew and loved Shawna’s mom in a way she never had a chance to. When Shawna discovers the secret of Schmule’s origin, the chain of events that follow lead to a “new” Shawna who questions everything she once took for granted: her desire to be perfect, her sexuality, the meaning of friendship—and even her love for her father whose single act of violence she can’t forget.

---Can't wait to read this one! Thanks Nadine for the awesome giveaway, And Thank you Jeannine for signing the book!---

Last week (I saw the book at the store and I just couldn't wait anymore, so I took my savings and) bought:


The Hunger Games.

My new book obsession.

What did you get?

26 monkey thought (s):

Ivana said...

Hey, Nadine's books arrived! That's great! My last package (cap, Journal and SS) arrived last week! I enjoyed the books, hope you'll enjoy them too!

I envy you...I'll try to find Hunger Games next week, though I strongly doubt that.

Happy reading!

So Many Books, So Little Time said...

The Hunger Games is AMAZING! Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Ella Press said...

I already read Hunger Games! It is amazing!
that's why I said it's my new book obsession

I need to read Catching Fire now!!!

Allison said...

I still haven't read The Hunger Games! Enjoy

Rebecca said...

Great books you got this week. They all look really good. Hope you enjoy reading all your books.

celi.a said...

Ah! Hope you enjoy The Hunger Games! That was an all-time favorite of mine from this last year. Catching Fire is pretty awesome, too. Happy reading!

The Book Resort said...

Oh, you are so welcome :).

Enjoy all your books!

Jeannine Garsee said...

Enjoy, Ella! You're very welcome. :)

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