Sep 19, 2009

Vampire Diaries Ep 2 (VD Challenge Update)

Last night I watched the second episode of the new TV series The Vampire Diaries.
This update is for the VD Challenge I signed up for.

This scene reminded me of Twilight so much,
I was just waiting to see the golden onion in Elena's hands.
No onion, but a Wuthering Heights book.
What a coincidence...
Elena was like: "You read Emily Bronte?"
And Stefan was like:"Yeeeah..."

In this scene, in words of the Busy Bee Lauren,
the horse-faced Vicki walks in, and says,
"I know you"

And Damon answers: "Really?" "Yeah, you're Boone from LOST, right?"

"WHAT? No, I'm Stefan's evil broth-"

But Vicki goes:
"Listen up everyone!

And that was the end.

3 monkey thought (s):

La Coccinelle said...

A reference to Wuthering Heights is required in this genre. (I joked about that in this post.)

The Book Resort said...

It is funny you think Twilight when this series was created way b4Twilight was even a notion in Meyer's mind.

Juju from Tales of Whimsy said...

Tooo funny!
Boone from Lost?! TOoo funny!

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