Sep 18, 2009

Nice Girls Don't Have Fangs, by Molly Harper

Summary (from Amazon):

Unceremoniously fired from her job as Half Moon Hollow's children's librarian, Jane Jameson drowns her sorrows with a handsome stranger, vampire Gabriel Nightengale. When Jane is accidentally shot, Gabriel saves her life by turning her undead. As Jane starts to get used to chatting with her dead aunt, finding creative ways to dodge her mother's nosy questions and enjoying the chemistry with Gabriel, she's brought up short by being named a suspect in a recent vampire murder. Jane's snarky first-person narrative is as charming as it is hilarious, retaining enough humanity to connect instantly with readers. Harper keeps the quips coming without overdoing the sarcasm, and her take on vampire lore will intrigue and entertain even the most jaded paranormal fan.

My Opinion:

Molly Harper has created a witty, funny and sarcastic novel, one with which you'll be laughing your heads off from beginning to end.

When Jane Jameson (not Jenna Jameson) is fired from her librarian job, she decides to drown her pains in alcohol. Here enters Gabriel Nightengale, tall and mysterious, and the spark between them is obvious from the start.
And when she's turned undead, that spark grows bigger and stronger.
Jane has to deal with keeping her secret from her parents, especially from her mother, who's constantly calling her, asking Jane to have lunch with her -where Jane can neither eat nor go out in the sunlight-; and the issue of having the Council for the Equal Treatment for the Undead (imagine a not so spooky/evil version of the Twilight's Volturi) always keeping an eye on her, holding her responsible for a series of vampire murders.
Jane is able to sort through this things with (not so much) grace, and a wry sense of sarcasm.

While reading, I couldn't help comparing Nice Girls... to the Sookie Stackhouse series. Especially when Jane drank bottles of Faux Type O. But, I decided I needed to let go of the comparisons, and just enjoy the book.

I got into this book having some reserves about the theme. All the way I kept thinking: another vampire story? This has to be good! Are there enough of these books, or is the subject oversaturated? But I really am a Fanpire, and I really liked the writing, from Jane's POV. She always had something hilarious to say!

All in all, this is a very enjoyable quick read, with an edge of sexiness that will draw you into it in no time!

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2 monkey thought (s):

GMR said...

It's funny you should mention the Sookie Stackhouse novel I was reading (but before I got to that part) I was thinking the same thing! Overall, it sounds pretty good....I may have to check it out.
Good job on the review!

Happy BBAW!

The Book Resort said...

Loved this book. Hilarious! Jane is definitely Sookie's cousin.

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