Sep 27, 2009

The Fury, by L. J. Smith

Summary (from Amazon):

Centuries ago, two brothers – Stefan and Damon – fell victims to the power of love, their legacy being to live through the ages as the undead – vampires.

And now Elena, her lifeless body discovered in a river, walks the earth once more, sharing their fate – and causing brother to fight brother in an inhuman contest for her love. But when a terrible darkness rises from the past, a raging hatred that threatens to destroy all those she loves, Elena knows she must bring Stefan and Damon together again – whatever the cost to herself…

My Opinion:

I'm loving this series. This is for those who hate the Twilight Saga, but still like to read a vampire story every once in a while.

The world L. J. has created is keeping me on the edge of my seat always wanting to know more. This is a really fast-paced book, and I assure you you won't be bored at any time.

Elena, Stefan and Damon, they all know what they want and they go for it. There's no whining from any of them (at least, not a whining we see), but just pure action.

I'm torn between these two brothers, loving them at the same time; not in a selfish way, like Katherine; more like Elena, in a realistic way.
Everyone who's read this book can agree with me in saying that they both love her in their own way. Stefan found his love returned, while Damon puts on a brave face and pretends he doesn't care, which to me, makes him even more lovable. I have a thing for bad boys.

What I liked about this book, is that Elena knows exactly what she can and can't do. Having died, and come back in an unnatural way, she knows she has to stay away from the places she used to go when living. She does make some exceptions, to check up on her family, but she doesn't show up at their door step, and pretend nothing's happened. What striked me as a selfish behaviour from her at the beginning of the series, has grown to become an altruistic personality in Elena, when the time came to protect her loved ones.

Never in a million years would I have guessed what came next.
The Power that drove Elena to the bridge in The Struggle makes a strong character in The Fury, and it's one you'd never have imagined.

Elena and her friends have to stick together to defeat the threat this Other Power represents. A Power who's stronger than Damon and Stefan put together.

Once more the cliffhanger is a painful itch in the chest. I've grown to like this characters, and I wouldn't want anything bad happening to any of them.
I'll have to read Dark Reunion to find out what happens next.

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I'd love to read this, thank you for sharing!

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