Sep 4, 2009

Living Your Five: I'm an Honorary Fiver!

After reading Alyson, Becca, Tera and Kay's Fives,
I knew I had to join.
Try to make a small difference in this world.
Here are my Five:

1. Go Greener. As a little child, I didn't use to care for the environment. But I was taught that we only have one world to live in, and that we must take good care of it. I learned about the importance of a fresh glass of water, of clean air to breathe.
We live in a world where kids don't care if they throw litter on the streets, cause if the person in front of me did it, why can't I? My goal here is to make these kids understand that once we start thinking like this, there's no going back.

2. Go Healthier. I spend a lot of time sitting down reading , or in front of the computer. But that's going to change. I commit to force my brothers and rest of my family to go hiking/biking/jogging/anything else you can think of with -ing, and start living a healthier life.

3. Go Creative. I love making things whenever I'm bored. I can make a small theatre from a cardboard box and use it for my puppets (I have done this actually). I'd love to help other kids get in touch with their creative side.

4. Go Kinder. With this Five, I commit to do random acts of kindness. Whether it'd be helping a little boy find his lost football, to giving things I no longer need, to someone who does.

5. Go Photographic. I love taking pictures. I do. With this Five, I pretend to photograph the beauty in the small things, and share them with everyone who wants them.

Are you joining?

1 monkey thought (s):

Becca Fitzpatrick said...

Go, Ella! I love your FIVE :)

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