May 15, 2010

The Vampire Diaries Season Finale! Come and discuss!

Could TVD's finale have been more awesome? Seriously.
If you still haven't seen it, then don't read any further.
OK, so, when I started reading the first book, I was Team Stefan.
Later, I went from hating Damon, to kinda liking him.
In TVD: Dark Reunion, I was definitely Team Damon!
And in the TV show, aahhhhh!

So, I'm assuming you've all seen this episode, since you're reading this.

Here's a little recap:

Isobel, Elena's birth and vampire mother, gave John, who happens to be Elena's birth father, the invention that disables all vampires, exposing them to The Council.

This is something that the writers of the show came up with, since it's not in the book, but it's a cool twist. Isobel is such a bitch, it's fun to hate her!

Elena's little brother, Jeremy, is still mad at her for having lied to him about the vampires.
Stefan and Damon tell him it wasn't her fault.

OK, so, in the books Elena has a little sister, Margaret.
In the TV show, they changed her for an emo teenage brother, called Jeremy.
While this brings an interesting relationship between him and Elena, he can be really annoying sometimes!
Still hurting over Vicky's death, who wasn't supposed to die so soon.
Come on dude! We get it, but find something useful to do! She died like ten episodes ago!
Anna's here, and she's waaay better than Vicky.

It's Founder's Day, and Elena, being a descendant of a founding family, is on the parade.
Stefan confronts Damon, telling him Elena's his, and that history won't repeat itself.
Aaaand, here comes Elena, looking exactly like Katherine.
The Salvatore brothers drool a little over her.

I still think that they should've casted a blond Elena, since in the book she's blond.
But I like Nina as Elena, she's very strong and powerful on the screen.
Plus, she's gorgeous!
Nooot liking the dress, though.
It could have been better without that green thing.And the red flower?
What, she's descendant from Spanish people?
'Cause that's what she looks like.

But Paul...They always dress him exactly like Stefan.

Ian, I'm so happy they chose you. You are the perfect Damon!

Poor Damon's left to watch Elena and Stefan parading. He's smiling but we all know he's hurting inside.

And that's why I'm Team Damon.

He spots Bonnie among the crowd, and walks over to her. He thanks her for what she's done, un-casting the spell Emily had put on the invention.

Ok, I hated this. First, they leave Meredith out of the show
(if you haven't read the books, Meredith is Elena's and Bonnie's friend. She's the one that's always calm and collected),
and then they turn Bonnie into this?
Book Bonnie would have never, ever lied to Elena.
I loved the innocent Book Bonnie, and liked the spicy TV Bonnie.
But I don't like TV Bonnie anymore.
She'll have to do a lot to regain my trust again.

Matt's still angry at Tyler, with good reason, and Caroline tells him that it'll take a while before Matt forgives him.

Loving this pic, it tells so much of what's to come!
I don't want to say too much because there might be people reading this who haven't read all the books, but I'm reaally looking forward to the next season!

John activates the device, exposing all the vampires, who are caught by policemen and taken to an old building. Damon's among them, and so is Anna.
Anna had given Jeremy a phial with her blood, and told him that if that blood was on his system when he died, he'd turn into a vampire.

John kills Anna and sets the building on fire.
Mayor Lockwood is trapped there too.
But how could he? Does this mean he's a vampire?

I know why! Do you?

(I couldn't find any more pics, so you're gonna have to remember what I'm talking about)

Bonnie comes along, stopping Elena from entering the burning building.
She casts a spell, helping Stefan take Damon out of there.

Still not liking you, missy.

The vampires in the building die.
Elena goes to the school to get her stuff, Stefan goes home.
Damon goes to see Elena.
Elena and Damon kiss on her front door!
Aunt Jenna opens the door and asks Elena to come inside.

I loved how he touched his lips after she'd gone inside.
That was a major swoon moment for me.

And Jenna, that was wrong what you did there, woman!

Jeremy drinks Anna's blood, and swallows a bottle of Elena's happy pills.

That, I saw coming. It'll be interesting to see how that turns out.

John tells Elena how sorry he is for what he's done, and we learn the truth about Elena.
She's actually Katherine!

*mouth hanging open*


Loved the "Hello, John. Goodbye, John."!

Katherine's not supposed to appear until the, like, third book I think.
That was a serious cliffhanger right there.

When Jenna found 'Elena' kissing Damon, she actually asked Katherine inside!

At this point, I looked like a fish out of water. My mouth opened and closed and my eyes were huge.

I felt so bad for Damon, who thought he'd actually kissed Elena! But this helped him realise how much he actually loves her, and will be great when it's time to confront Katherine, 'cause he'll be on Elena's side.

So, we're left wondering what'll happen with Katherine in Elena's home, what Elena'll do if she sees her (personally, I think Katherine will sneak out before this happens. The whole point in her being back is to get the Salvatore brothers back, if I remember correctly. So, she wouldn't want to be exposed so easily).

Damon's love for Elena is now confirmed. So what will he do?

Stefan... nothing much there.
He's just as overprotective of Elena as always.

Will he turn, or die?

Tyler, I almost forgot!
Did you see his eyes? Beautiful, well done!

Caroline, will you become what I know you'll become in the next season?

And Bonnie, will you still be a bitch, or will we forgive you?

Leave your thoughts in a comment below and let's discuss!

This post is part of the Vampire Diaries Challenge hosted by Amy at My Friend Amy.

8 monkey thought (s):

Kaylyn said...

That episode was INTENSE. I found myself screaming at the television screen at least two times, lol. But I can't believe that it was Katherine! And I felt so bad for Damon. Who, by the way, has me swaying between him and Stefan! xD. Past view episodes he's be sweet, hurt, and all that jazz. Aw. Oh I have to agree, I don't like Bonnie at all. All in all a VERY good episode :)

Reverie said...

All I can say is... HOLY MOLY WOW!!! I uhh wow..

Ella Press said...

It was intense!
I said "WHAT?" at the screen, twice.
Damon gets more... lovable in the future, Kay ;)

And Vania, my thoughts exactly.

Juju at Tales of said...

I haven't been watching VD much but I did love this recap and pictures.

I kinda like the dress.

Poor Damon.

Sheila (Bookjourney) said...

skimming skimming skimming becuase I have not seen this series but could tell by your first two lines that I want to! :D

I Heart Monster said...


I am so totally team Damon it's not even funny. But the whole Catherine/Elena thing was too crazy. Poor Damon finally got over Catherine and then she freaking shows up?!? WTF. I second your "What?!?s" Loved it. Too bad it took me forever to watch it, right?

Ella Press said...

I'm swooning alright. lol

Better late than never ;)

Sanivi said...

For the next episode Stefan wasn't always the good guy. He used to rip people apart just for the hell of it. He was just as badass as Damon maybe even worser than Damon. I can't wait for the next episode of The Vampire Diaries Season 2 Episode 15 extends some flashback friendly episode, taking us back to Stefan’s darker day.

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