May 30, 2010

The Hunger Games Movie Update and a discussion about the cast

So, most of you know that the final installment for THG trilogy is coming out in the US on Aug 24th, and in the UK on Aug 2nd.

Well, I was channel surfing this morning, and came across this movie with Emma Roberts, Wild Child. While I'm not a fan of the movie itself, I could really see a connection between the protagonists.

And I don't know about you, but I'm liking Alex Pettyfer as Peeta.

I'm not the only one who thinks this, though. I've seen people cast him for Peeta in a lot of other blogs too.

To me he's the perfect choice,.

I've also seen his co-star in Wild Child, Emma Roberts, casted as Katniss in some blogs.
Take a look at these:

*scraches head, thinking*

They look good and cute together, but I can't see Emma being the tough Katniss I have in my mind.

Thanks to Lauren, this is the Katniss I'd like to see:

Camilla Belle, people.

She has that look about her that makes her great for the role.
But she's old. She's, like, 24. Still, she doesn't look she's 24. She could very well play Katniss and say, "Hi, dude, I'm 17. Ish"
"I spoke to two producers from Lionsgate who are making the “Hunger Games” movie. They said Suzanne had given them her draft of the script, which is now being revised by another screenwriter. They hope to be able to announce a director this summer, and go into production in January to release the film later in 2011."
via MTV Hollywood Crush and Mockingjay


Can you say YAY!?
Dude, this means we'll have a Hunger Games movie next year!!!

I'm really happy that Suzanne's in charge of the script, because, who better than the actual author for the job?

I just really hope they don't get Catherine Hardwick to direct it.

Catherine, man, I love Twilight, but you wrecked it.
Sorry, but no love for you.

Who would you like to see as Peeta and Katniss?
And what about Gale? I didn't bother to look for a pic for him because I seriously have no idea who would be good for the part. But I'd like to hear you thoughts!

15 monkey thought (s):

brizmus said...

So psyched about the Hunger Games movie! But I have to disagree with your desire to see Camilla Belle as Katniss. She doesn't fit the profile AT ALL for me. her face is just, wrong. Maybe I could see Emma Roberts, though. . .

Sarah (Limerick) said...

Aw, you don't like Gale? It's just that we haven't had enough time for him in the books yet. If I were to ship a pair in THG in would be Katniss/Gale.
But I have to disagree with both Emma and Alex as the main duo. I agree that I can't see Emma being tough but I think Peeta would look a bit...softer than Alex does. They'd make a good Clary/Jace pair in TMI though.
And excellent choice, Camille would be a good Katniss.
That's awesome that the movie is coming out next year! I'm glad to see Suzanne'll be there so they won't screw things up. ;)
Thanks for the news post!

Juju at Tales of said...

O I agree on both counts.
I can totally see Camilla as Katniss.

Maria the Bookworm said...

I've also thought about Alex Pettyfer as Peeta :)

Ella Press said...

@Sarah: Like you said, Gale doesn't appear much in the books, so I'm not as drawn to him as I am to Peeta.

@Juju: ;)

@Maria: YAY! See, I said that I wan't the only one.

sumthinblue said...

I think Emma Roberts can't pull off Katniss, she isn't edgy enough.

Alex Pettyfer is okay, but I imagine Peeta to look more wholesome and boy-next-door-ish.

Camilla Belle could pull it off, I think she's fierce enough. And I've seen the girl from A Series of Unfortunate events floated for Katniss, I think she can pull it off too.

Oh, nice header by the way :)

Anonymous said...

weird...i completely pictured camilla as katniss and was looking for a picture on google images that i thought fit the image of katniss and this one (which i thought was perfect) actually led me to a discussion about her as katniss...totally a coincidence...but still kinda weird

Ella Press said...

LOL, that's nice Anon, but why didn't you sign your name? I like knowing who reads my blog.
And yay for Camilla as Katniss!

mcdonaldrenee said...

I've always seen HUNTER PARRISH as Peeta. (

Ella Press said...

@mcdonaldrenee: I've seen that in, here.

I can see a bit of Peeta in him, but to me he looks way too baby looking to play Peeta.

mcdonaldrenee said...

Maybe... my only thing with Alex Pettyfer is that I always picture him as Jace from the Mortal Instruments books by Cassandra Clare, so it's hard to see him being anyone else (:

Ella Press said...

@mcdonaldrenee: Ah! I haven't read TMI series yet! I've got the first book, though, and every time I'm about to read it, I find something more appealing to read first.

Should I read it soon?

mcdonaldrenee said...

DEFINITELY read it soon! I was skeptical to start it because the back of the book doesn't really give you much to go on... but the series is highly addictive! Nice balance between romance/action/humor. And one of the male leads, Jace, is my favorite YA boy in fiction (and you can picture Alex Pettyfer)... just sayin. (:

Ella Press said...

@mcdonaldrenee: Well, then. I will. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Wow (I know I'm reading this late), but I totally couldn't agree with you more! The whole time I read the books I thought of Camilla Belle as Katniss! I hope the director agrees!

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