May 8, 2010

Review: The Awakening, by Kelley Armstrong

The Awakening (Darkest Powers #2), by Kelley Armstrong

Release Date: May 1st, 2009
Publisher: HarperCollins
Age Group: Young Adult
Pages: 368
Overall: 5 Monkeys
Source: Borrowed, E-Book
Interest: Series
Other Titles in the Series: The Summoning (Darkest Powers #1), The Reckoning (Darkest Powers #3).
Other Titles Reviewed in The Clock Monkey: The Summoning (Darkest Powers #1).

Summary from Goodreads:
If you had met me a few weeks ago, you probably would have described me as an average teenage girl—someone normal. Now my life has changed forever and I'm as far away from normal as it gets. A living science experiment—not only can I see ghosts, but I was genetically altered by a sinister organization called the Edison Group. What does that mean? For starters, I'm a teenage necromancer whose powers are out of control; I raise the dead without even trying. Trust me, that is not a power you want to have. Ever.

Now I'm running for my life with three of my supernatural friends—a charming sorcerer, a cynical werewolf, and a disgruntled witch—and we have to find someone who can help us before the Edison Group finds us first. Or die trying.
My Opinion:

From the beginning I was hooked, and I read this book in just three days. This book was as exciting as The Summoning, but more fast-paced which kept me at the edge of my seat all the time!

While in the first book we see Chloe clearly falling for Simon, here we get to see Derek's other side, his warmer side, turning this into a brother love triangle. The events that push Chloe and Simon away, bring her and Derek closer. And I still haven't picked a team! Both Simon and Derek are lovely and mysterious, things I love to read about the book's hero. Simon is more open about his feelings towards Chloe, while Derek keeps to himself. This made me swoon for him: he's the kind of guy who suffers in silence and takes all of the responsiblity on himself, trying to protect the others. In the rare occasions in which he smiled, I would go all awwww and smile too.

In the last book, we see Chloe, Simon, Derek, Rae and Tori managing to escape the conspiracy in Lyle House. Only to be caught again. This time we learn more about this conspiracy, and the people behind it.

I was really interested in reading more about Chloe's stone necklace, and wanting to know why it was a different colour. We only get a glimpse into that story, so I'm really looking forward to reading about its real power in The Reckoning.

We also see Chloe's powers as a Necromancer increasing, discover Tori's so-far-non-existing power, as well as learn more about Derek's, Rae's and Simon's.

In those scenes where Chloe's powers were set in motion, I'd get chills on the back of my neck, and had to take my mind off the book for a second, to remind myself that what I was seeing wasn't real.

That's what I love about Paranormal books: the fact that (when they're well written) they can transport you to a whole other world.

So, congrats Kelley! You've won a new fan.

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Jan von Harz said...

I have not read either of these books, but your review makes me think I need to and soon. Both of these sound like books I would really enjoy. Thanks for sch a great review.

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