May 7, 2010

Book Blogger Hop - May 7th

This weekly event is hosted by Jennifer at Crazy-for-Books.

I decided to join this event because I'm finding some cool blogs through it, and it's FUN!

If you found me through the Blogger Hop, leave a comment!


There're some things I wanted to share too:

* I'm getting tired of this layout. I want a larger main section (this part, where the post goes), and a cleaner layout. But I'm broke, oh so broke, therefore, I'm gonna try to make the layout myself. The overall layout is not what worries me, it's the header that does. I can make a layout I like, but headers have always been a problem.
So if you see this look changing, don't freak out! I'll be testing some things later.

* I've just reviewed Surf School and posted a giveaway. It's for both Surf School and its sequel, Surh Sisters. Open Internationally, ends May 25th. Really nice Australian book!

* I've just, and I mean just, finished reading The Awakening, by Kelley Armstrong. LOVED it. Review coming later, maybe today.

1 monkey thought (s):

Anonymous said...


You have an awesome site that I am now following ... loving this blog hop (",).

Have a great day!

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