May 13, 2010

In Which I Talk About My Beta and Being a Beta

Last year I started a book during NANO. I already had the idea in my mind, and NANO definitely helped me put it on paper. I didn't finish it, I still haven't -writing a book is hard, especially for me, being used to writing short stuff- but I was lucky enough to find me a Beta reader.

Her name is Tanya, and boy, is she awesome!

I think we were meant to work together, because we think so much alike. When I read a part of my MS, and think "I should change this", she'd email me and say "I think this needs a little work" and we're talking about the exact same thing. She really gets my characters and has learned to love them like I do (or at least that's what she tells me! lol), and what could be better than that?

I already know the exact point in which I want my book to end, but I'm having trouble getting there. Tanya has just told me she's finished reading what I've sent her, and that we can start brainstorming. This will help me tremendously! I hope to have a book by the end of July.

I'm crossing my fingers!

Tanya, you have no idea how much I love you, girl! Thanks for being supportive and understanding! (This is my first book ever. Longest thing I've ever written. And it's scary.)


A couple of months ago one of my online friends, Jordyn, said she'd finished her MS, and so I asked her if I could be one of her Betas. She said yes and I squeed! I'd been told her writing was awesome. And it is. I think that for me to get to write stuff as deep as her it'll take a while.

Her novel's called The Movie Romance, and it tells the tale of a girl, Anya, dealing with the loss of her friends.

There are parts in this novel that have me in tears. So powerfully it's written, and so beautifully.

One day, Jor, you'll find an agent and get that recognition you deserve.

So, thank you for letting me read this.


p.s.: Are you an aspiring writer? Do you have an awesome Beta like me?

4 monkey thought (s):

GABY said...

I love to write, and I have thought about writing a novel... but I haven't started. Mostly because I feel the story in my mind needs more work. And because every time I write, I end up hating it and erasing it.

Maybe I should find a Beta, but where?

Tahereh said...

that's so awesome! i wish i had some beta readers.. i've always been too shy to ask, and to shy to hand my stuff over even if someone offered.


Ella Press said...

@Gaby: I went through the same, writing, hating and deleting. It'll get better with practise. Remember, your first book won't necessarily be a masterpiece.

I found my Beta in the Maggie Stiefvater Fans Forum. After she posted about how great it is to have one, she opened a thread for writers and betas to come together. Do you write in Eng or Spanish? I went there cause I write in Eng, if you write in Spanish, as I'm thinking you must do, then I've no idea. Look in writing forums.

@Tahereh: I'm still shy! But I've learned that my Beta is there to help me improve my writing skills. You have to overcome that fear some time. And always be open to criticism, because not always you'll like to hear what they're saying.

Jordyn said...

Ahh, I can't believe I JUST found this post. Haha. You were so helpful with my MS... thanks to you & your comments I rearranged pretty much the whole thing so that the story has a better arc and hopefully the middle isn't so BLAH now.

:) :) :) :)

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