Jan 29, 2010

Aussie Month Calendar

Feb 2nd: Author Interview: Kim Miller

Feb 5th: Blogger Interview: Holly Taylor

Feb 7th: Book Review: Tomorrow, When The War Began, by John Marsden (EBook Giveaway)

Feb 9th: Aussie Author Challenge

Feb 12th: Author Interview: Goldie Alexander

Feb 13th: Author Interview: Ryan Kennedy & Hazel Edwards

Feb 14th: Happy Birthday Pretty Book! (Aussie Edition)

Feb 16th: Blogger Interview: Steph Bowe

Feb 18th: Author Interview: Chrissie Michaels

Feb 20th: Author Interview: George Ivanoff (Book Giveaway for Gamers' Quest - International)

Feb 23rd: Book Review: That's Why I Wrote This Song, by Susanne Gervay (Lyrics by Tory Gervay) *Updated: Book Giveaway - International*

Feb 25th: Featured Author: Meryl Brown Tobin (Review by Chrissie Michaels; Poem by Meryl Brown Tobin)

Feb 27th: Author Guest Post: Laurine Croasdale *Updated: International Giveaway: SURF SCHOOL AND SURF SISTERS!*

Feb 28th: Author Guest Post: Kate Forsyth

**This list is submitted to changes during the month of February. There may be more things to add, or take.**

Remember, this is a month to expand our horizons, go beyond what we normally read.
Let's support non-American Authors as well as we support those that are Americans.
These authors have a lot to share with us, and I've asked them to recommend some fellow AU Authors, to help us find new and exciting stories.
So, help me spread the word! Tell everyone that Aussie Month is coming to TCM!

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Kirsten Hubbard said...

Hey Ella! We're a bit late, but we just blogged about Aussie Month at YA Highway :)


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