Feb 25, 2010

Featured Author: Meryl Brown Tobin

Today's Aussie Author is Poet Meryl Brown Tobin.

Tobin is an Australian writer who writes children’s and adults’ fiction and non-fiction, particularly travel, and poetry and makes up puzzles for all ages. Her published work includes 14 books, including a travel book, puzzle books and blackline masters books of educational puzzles, a children’s picture storybook and poetry books.
Hundreds of her poems, puzzles and articles, particularly on travel, scores of short stories, and some cartoons and comic strips have appeared in more than 100 magazines and newspapers in Australia and other countries, including India, Japan, Malaysia and Singapore, New Zealand, the Philippines, the United Kingdom and USA. Meryl Brown Tobin's next publication will be a series of three educational puzzle books, Puzzle Fun Yrs 1/2, Puzzle Fun Yrs 3/4 and Puzzle Fun Yrs Yrs 5/6. The series will be published by Five Senses Education Pty Ltd, Sydney, Australia in March, 2010.


Poetry Book Review:
Walk in the Forest,
by Meryl Brown Tobin

Reviewed by Chrissie Michaels

A unique collection.

Walk in the Forest is the first solo collection of poems by Meryl Brown Tobin. It brings together poetry that has been anthologised in a diverse range of magazines, broadsheets and journals; some have won awards, others broadcast on radio.

Many poems give voice to the poet’s concerns about world peace and justice. She ensures the reader’s discomfort by questioning morality and the condoning of conflict through silence. Tobin’s message is powerfully evoked through keen irony in ‘Tripping the New Millenium’, where following the ‘Killing, killing, killing’ on a global scale comes the question: ‘How about a trip around Australia?’. Western apathy to the plight of human suffering is evident in ‘East Timor’. ‘Rag Dolls’ is a simple but haunting epiphany of the Kurd slaughters. Tobin always comments with deep compassion about contemporary conflicts, highlighting the permanent scars of war where there are no victors.
Her work equally reflects on the importance of everyday relationships, of achieving personal harmony and a fulfilling existence. Hence sections under ‘People’ and ‘Reflection’ evoke the beauty and gentleness of humanity: ‘I drink riches / from others’ thoughts / pour what I have to share / Open to the world’. Inspiring words from ‘Cup’.

In her concern for the environment, Tobin’s poetry brings to mind the phrase ‘Take only photographs, leave only footprints’. She teases readers with the mysteries of Big Cats and Thylacines (‘Sestina: Striped Mystery’) and impresses on us the need to be responsible caretakers of nature: ‘We return as hordes surge in / a babble in a multitude of tongues / St. Kilda Beach transposed / … / Katatjuta’s sunset approaches/’.

Perhaps her three-lined poem ‘Principle of Life’ best sums up the beauty and thoughtfulness, and ultimately uplifting sentiments of this collection: ‘With love and truth your guides / leading through good and evil / take on the world’.

Chrissie Michaels.


Meryl has been kind enough as to share with us one of her poems!
Its tragedy gives us a lot to think about.

Rag Dolls

Square cap on dark hair

long black pants

tiny girl

in Kurd native dress

lies sprawled on ground

where she has fallen

A townsman

moves her body

An older child

perhaps her brother

is lifted by one arm

placed next to her

Chemical bombs leave

buildings unscathed

Meryl Brown Tobin


Thanks to both Chrissie and Meryl for sharing this great review and poem. Sometimes poetry is a really powerful weapon. Depends on who's carrying it.

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