Jan 19, 2010

Happy Birthday Pretty Book! #6

The Mark, by Jen Nadol hits the shelves today!

Sixteen-year old Cassie Renfield has seen the mark since forever: a glow around certain people as if a candle were held behind their back.

The one time she pointed it out taught her not to do it again, so Cassie has kept quiet, considering its rare appearances odd, but insignificant. Until the day she watches a man die. Mining her memories, Cassie realizes she can see a person's imminent death. Not how or where, only when: today.

Cassie searches her past, her philosophy lessons, even her new boyfriend for answers, always careful to hide her secret. How does the mark work? Why her?

Most importantly, if you know today is someone's last, should you tell?

I won this book from The Book Resort, so I'll be reading it soon.
Can't wait!

Congrats Jen on your book release!

2 monkey thought (s):

Juju at Tales of Whimsy.com said...

Congrats on winning the book :)

Ella Press said...

thank you!
can't wait to read it!

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