Jan 20, 2010

in times like these, i do not like living in argentina

because it takes forever for the most awesome of books to get here! (according to some great book bloggers)
publishers: latin america exists too!

courtney summers (cracked up to be & some girls are) has just tweeted that she's releasing 2 more books. i've still to read the first two, which are not available in argentina. and it's not like i can buy them on amazon. i'm poor, people!
and i need to save for my new camera/uni (inclining toward the camera...). 1 north american dollar= 3,50 (maybe more) arg pesos. so if CUTB is worth 8,95 on B&N, to me it's 31, something + shipping. not good for my pocket.

if you are cool like i think you are, you'll let me borrow your copies of courtney's books.
i promise you'll get them back ^-^
maybe ¬¬

5 monkey thought (s):

Sharli said...

Don't know if I should write this in Spanish or English? I guess English...

I definitely know how you feel :( Have you tried ordering them through a bookstore? Sometimes it's cheaper...

Sadly I don't have them either, I just came to show my support lol!

Please someone lend her the books!

Shweta said...

Used to happen to me a few years back but now I have discovered an awesome library that gets new books as soon as possible on release and also buy books from Book Depository ( free shipping, u should try it ).
Anyways I know how u feel. I have been there:)

Juju at Tales of Whimsy.com said...

Major bummer! :( Sorry!

I Heart Monster said...

@Shweta - Argentina isn't on the list of countries that Book Depo ships to :o(

I gotcha covered for one of them sweetie, I'll get it in the mail early next week :o)

Ella Press said...

here i was, thinking i could buy on TBD, until i learned what I<3M just said. i can't enter contests whose books come from TBD either :(

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