Aug 11, 2009

Random PhotoBlog

i <3 to take pics.
i <3 my family.
i <3 my friends.
i <3 my mates.

so, i thought to share them all with you.

everyone says they like how i prepare my mates, so i always end up
being the one who serves them
-look at that pastafrola (can you say
pastafrola?). mmm, yummy-

look at him. doesn't he look crazy to you?
that's my little brother, I.
he is definitely crazy, but i still heart him <3

another crazy person,
my friend deb
she's pretending to be strong here
deb, honey, we all know you're not

but we still heart you <33

eating this, mmm, good times

-me, flor, and mica-
i look like i'm high, flor looks like she's wondering what the hell she doing here, and mica, well that's just the way she is...

i took this by mistake, but i still heart it <3
to me, it looks like part of an ad or sth

that's it for today
do you have any pics for me to see?
cause i'd love to see them :o)


1 monkey thought (s):

Juju said...

Is that guava? Whatever it is - it looks amazing.

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