Aug 5, 2009

I'm in love with...

...this film!
I just finished watching it, and it is now my favourite film of this year (so far).
I liked it even more than HP & the Half Blood Prince (yep, I said HP)
It's funny, and cute, and gross sometimes too... LOL
Now I wanna read the book!
Kat Dennings and Michael Cera make a beautiful couple,
I'd like to read the book to compare film-Nick and Norah to book-Nick and Norah.

Have you seen this film, or read the book?

Anyway, it had been a while since I last saw a film that made me feel like this (not sure how I'm feeling, a mixture of warm and fuzzy, and wanting to kill those mean characters -Tris and Tal find something better to do!-).

Congrats Kat and Michael!
You've made this a film I won't soon forget.

Do you have a film that makes you want to punch those mean characters who get in the way with our main and lovely characters? Cause I really wanted to punch Tris some times (and even Nick for falling into her traps).

I'm downloading the soundtrack right now!

2 monkey thought (s):

Caster Girl 25 said...

loved the movie. read the book and thought it was a lot better than the movie. but the soundtrack is amazing!

celi.a said...

This movie was fun and adorable. I saw it last November and really enjoyed it...maybe I'll get the DVD and re-live some of those laugh-out-loud moments. Thanks for mentioning it!

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