Aug 22, 2009

On Author Interviews

I'm sending e-mails right now to several different authors, trying to get them to answer me a few questions to post up here.

Have you ever done this before? If you have, does is take long for the author to get back to you?
I know I won't get an answer right away, authors are busy people, but who do you think could answer my e-mails?

I'll keep my fingers crossed!
I have some interesting questions for some of them. Hopefully I will at least have one of them answering me.

Cross your fingers for me, and you might look forward to some very cool new features!


4 monkey thought (s):

Pizza said...

Usually it takes a week at the most. I once had an author that replied about an hour after. They are very busy people.

austenfan said...

I'm also thinking of doing that. But I'm a bit shy and my blog's kinda new so I'm not sure if they'll accept. :)

Becca Fitzpatrick said...

Hey, Ella! Most authors I know are excited to do interviews. I can only speak for myself, but I try to respond in 1 - 2 days. Anyway, I'm glad I'll be doing an interview on your blog! Thanks for asking me :)



i did with circle of souls because i was so impressed with the book and had questions that i really wanted answers too. he was so nice and answer quite quickly. i think if i was that excited about another book and had real questions i wanted answered, i would do it again. but i don't think i could do it just to be doing it. but whatever you do, i think your passion for the book and your desire for the interview would make the author more inclined to do yours over someone elses.

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