Aug 4, 2009

Coral (a mini-short story)

Inspired by "wild turkey"'s post on, I wrote this little story.
You could read his story before reading mine, or after. I urge you to do it cause it's really nice.

wild turkey's character is a man of the seas, and this is the girl of his dreams.

Coral (by me) :)

There once lived a woman named Coral.
And she loved a man named Red.
He didn’t know she loved him,
But she did anyway.

She was not your average woman,
A very dark secret she kept.
On land she was the most beautiful thing men had ever seen.
But her true nature was shown
When water touched the legs that were not her own.

She’d first seen her love on high seas, and given her heart to a man she’d never met. But their love could never be. It was not right. It was not allowed. Forbidden to speak of.

She’d been watching him every day, always waiting for him at a different bay.
And when she saw him, her heart started pounding,
Never minding what people said about him.
Because she knew his soul, many times she’d seen it.
It was as clear and free and hopeful
As she expected it to be.

For loving a lonely man, she herself was alone. Swimming away from home. Chasing a romantic daydream to the end of the world.
Many times she thought of showing herself in his sight,
For the thing she longed the most, was to be wrapped in his tight
But lovely embrace.

One stormy night, when she was watching the reflection of the stars on the waters, she saw something that set her mind.
She would not lose him, even if that meant letting her loved one see who his saviour was.
What she really was.
She swan quickly to his now sinking ship,
and then he saw something, but only a tip
of her other half.

Could it be? The one he’d been waiting for.

Instead of trying to hide, to run, to scream, he just jumped.
Into the waters.
Toward his love.


5 monkey thought (s):

Lisa Rusczyk said...

Beautiful voice. Especially like the part about them both being alone, because that does draw those types of people together.

Anonymous said...

jaja lindo antoo :)
un besito

The Book Resort said...

Lyrically rich, Ella! Keep 'em comin' : }.

Nadine Laman said...

Very sweet and visual. Thanks for sharing.


ibdragon said...

Love is splendid and can be painful. well done!

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